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unless otherwise specified in the Contract

Unless otherwise agreed herein

Save as otherwise provided in this Contract

Save insofar as the contract otherwise provides

Save where the provisions of contract

Except where otherwise provided

except insofar as it is otherwise provided in the contract 等等。

Except as provided elsewhere


   The contractor shall make his own arrangements for the engagement of all labor, local or otherwise, and save insofar as the contract otherwise provides, for the transport, housing, feeding and payment thereof.


   Unless otherwise specified in the credit, banks will reject a transport document issued by a forwarding agent. Provided that unless such transport document is the FIATA combined Transport Bill of Lading approved by the International Chamber of Commerce or otherwise the transport document indicates that it is issued by a forwarding agent acting as a carrier or an agent of a named carrier.



During the lease term of the equipments, any benefit accrued from the possession or use of the leased equipments belongs to the lessee, except otherwise agreed by the contract.


In the case of carriage by sea or by more than one mode of transport including carriage by sea, banks will refuse a transport document stating that the goods are or will be loaded on deck, unless otherwise specifically specified and authorized in the credit.


   Wherever, in the provisions of this Contract, any such notice, consent, approval, certificate or determination as are made and issued by any person are mentioned, unless otherwise specified in this Contract, such notice, consent, approval, certificate or determination shall be in writing, and the words notify, certify or determine shall be construed accordingly. Provided that any such consent, approval, certificate or determination shall not unreasonably be withheld or delayed.


  Unless otherwise expressly specified in the Contract, the Engineer shall have no authority to relieve the Contractor of any of his obligations under the Contract.除在合同中明确规定外,工程师无权解除合同规定的承包人的任何义务。

Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties to the Contract, all expenses and disbursements, such as cabling, traveling and other expenses incurred in connection with the sale of products, shall be borne by the Agent. Provided that the Agent shall also bear the expenses for maintaining offices and other expenses for the performance of the obligations of the Salesmen and for the implementation of the instructions given by the Seller.

Unless otherwise expressly provided for in this Contract, the Agent shall have no obligations to account to any Bank for any amount received in respect of any loan maintained by the Agent or any of its affiliates or for the profits related to the loan. The Agent and its affiliates may make loans to, accept deposits from, and generally engage in any kind of business with, the Borrower as though the Agent in question were not as an Agent.


Except as otherwise provided herein, all notices and demands sent by registered airmail shall be deemed received 8 days after they have been sent and notices or demands sent by telex shall be deemed received at the time of the dispatch thereof.



   The institution Providing such security shall be subject to the approval of the Employer, the cost of complying with the requirements of this Clause shall be borne by the Contractor, unless the Contract otherwise provides.



Notwithstanding any reference to arbitration, Both Parties shall continue to perform their respective obligations under the Contract unless otherwise agreed.



Save as otherwise provided in this Contract , each Party shall bear its own legal and other professional costs in relation to the preparation , negotiation and excution.



    Insurance to be covered by the Buyer unless otherwise



   In this contract, the following terms shall, unless otherwise specially defined, have the following meanings:



 Except as provided elsewherethis Contract may be terminated in either of the following cases



   The Contractor shall be deemed to have satisfied himself as to the correctness and sufficiency of the Tender and   of the rates and prices stated in the Bill of Quantities, all of which shall, except insofar as it is otherwise provided in the Contract, cover all his obligations under the Contract (including those in respect of the supply of goods,   materials, Plant or services or of contingencies for which there is a Provisional Sum) and all matters and things necessary for the things necessary for the proper execution and completion of the Works and the remedying of any defects therein.



In the Conditions of Contract ("these Conditions"), which include Particular Conditions and these General                     Conditions, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings stated. Words indicating persons or parties include       corporations and other legal entities, except where the context requires otherwise.



   Save as expressly stated elsewhere in the License, neither party shall be liable to the other party for consequential, indirect, special, exemplary, or punitive losses or damages including loss of use or of profit or of contracts or of data, even if such party had been advised of the possibility thereof.



   If Acceptance Standard still fails to be fulfilled in the further tests, Licensor shall pay Licensee liquidated damages as specified in Appendix 1, unless otherwise stipulated in Contract. Licensee shall sign the acceptance certificate upon acceptance of the liquidated damages, while Licensor shall not be released from its guarantee obligations.


Bank charges in respect of transfers are payable by the first beneficiary unless otherwise specified by the bank.     The transferring bank shall have no obligations to effect the transfer until such charges are paid.



The risk of damage to or loss of the goods shall be borne by the seller prior to the delivery of the subject matter and by the buyer after delivery, except as otherwise stipulated by law or agreed upon by the parties.



Where the seller sells the goods delivered to a carrier for carriage and is in transit, unless otherwise agreed       upon by the parties, the risk of damage to or missing of the goods shall be borne by the buyer as of the time of establishment of the contract.



   Unless otherwise provided by law, the seller shall have the obligation to warrant that no third party shall             exercise against the buyer any rights with respect to the delivered subject matter.




   This provision shall apply to all documentary credits, including standby letters of credit, to the extent to which the credits in question shall be applicable, and shall be binding on the Parties to the Contract, unless otherwise expressly agreed by the Parties thereto.

Unless otherwise specified in the credit, banks will accept a document bearing a date of issuance prior to that of the credit, subject to such document being presented within the time limits specified in the credit and in these           articles.除非信用证另有规定,银行将授受出单日期早于信用证开证日期的单据,但该单据须在信用证和本条文规定的时限之内提交。


Bank charges in respect of transfers are payable by the first beneficiary unless otherwise specified by the bank.     The transferring bank shall have no obligations to effect the transfer until such charges are paid.



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