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  · 积极承接国际服务业的外包转移
  seek more service jobs outsourced by foreign countries/companies
  · 生活垃圾无害化处理
  harmless treatment of domestic garbage
  · 主办
  under the auspices of / sponsored by / hosted by
  · 协办、支持
  co-sponsored by,supported by
  · 承办
  presented by
  · 开源节流
  Tap new resources and economize on consumption.
  Increase income and reduce expenditure.
  · (我省农业可以做到)旱涝保收。
  ensure stable yields despite drought or excessive rain; make gains no matter what happens
  · 我省主要农作物:高粱、小麦、水稻、玉米
  major crops: Chinese sorghm, wheat, rice, maize/corn
  · 公务护照/因公普通护照
  Service Passport/ Passport for Public Affairs
  睢宁儿童画 Children’s Pictures of Suining County
  江苏揽胜剪纸 Paper-cuts of Scenic Spots in Jiangsu
  金蝉玉叶 A Golden Cicada sitting on Jade Leaves
  铜牛灯 Bronze Lamp in the Shape of a Bull
  金箔画 Gold Foil/ Gold Leaf Painting
  金箔《孙子兵法》 Gold Foiled Sun-tzu’s Art of War
  珍珠项链 Pearl Necklace
  檀香扇 Sandalwood Fan
  红木名片盒 Rosewood Box of Business Cards
  红木笔筒 Rosewood Pen Container
  扬州漆器(台屏) Yangzhou Lacquerware (Desk Scroll)
  和平之春 Spring of Peace
  锦绣前程 Promising Future
  秦淮月影 Shadow of the Moon along Qinhuai River
  紫砂壶 Boccaro Teapot
  青花瓷瓶 Blue and White Porcelain-ware
  云锦团龙 Silk Brocade with Dragon Pattern
  云锦牡丹 Silk Brocade with Peony Pattern
  紫檀宫扇 Sandlewood Imperial Fan
  苏绣 Suzhou Embroidery
  乱针绣水乡 Random Stitch Embroidery Picturing a Watertown
  双面绣 Double-sided Embroidery
  真丝围巾 Silk Scarf
  真丝领带 Silk Tie
  缂丝小包 Kesi Fabric Bag
  发展滞后 inadequate development
  处理好速度和 balance the growth rate with structural
  结构、效益的关系 and performance improvement
  乡镇机构 town and township government bodies
  问责制 accountability system
  教育乱收费 arbitrary educational charges
  发展是硬道理 Development is an absolute necessity.
  重要战略机遇期 the period of important strategic opportunities
  两个市场,两种资源 both domestic and international markets and resources
  共性技术,关键技术, 配套技术broadly applicable, key and accessory technologies
  产业化经营 industrial management
  特色产业 distinctive industries
  资源型经济 resource-based economy
  节能降耗的新技术 new technologies that use less energy and resources
  对高耗能、高物耗设备和 institute a system of requiring the elimination of
  产品实行强制淘汰制度 equipment and products that consume excessive quantities of energy and materials
  循环经济 circular economy
  资源开发利用补偿机制 the compensation mechanism for the exploitation and utilization of resources
  节约型社会 conservation-minded society
  饮用水源地 potable water sources
  出口商品结构 the export mix
  提高利用外资质量 improve the performance of foreign capital
  舆论环境 the public opinion environment
  推动经济增长从资源 to accelerate economic growth through innovation
  依赖性转向创新驱动型 rather than resource consumption
  原始创新 original innovation
  集成创新 integrated innovation
  引进消化吸收再创新 digestion, absorption and improvement of introduced technologies
  加强产学研结合 strengthen cooperation among industries, universities and research institutes
  Jiangsu enjoys sound momentum in its next round of development.
  South Jiangsu is in the process of industrial transformation and restructuring.
  to relocate more of the manufacturing sector to the central and northern parts of Jiangsu
  to close down enterprises that cannot meet environmental standards. In South Jiangsu alone, 1,700 plants were shut down last year.
  Projects that meet industrial policies and environmental requirements are encouraged to be launched as soon as possible.
  Jiangsu leads the country in its aid programs in the wake of the earthquake.
  ◆我们派了医疗队,搞了木板房/移动板房/移动防震棚,接受了很多伤病员,还拿出了很多钱去救济 。
  We sent our medical teams, constructed makeshift woodboard shelters/mobile emergency shelters/mobile quake-resistant shelters, received and treated a large number of quake victims and raised and donated a great deal of money.
  rescue teams, psychological counselors, volunteers
  psychological intervention
  None of these efforts could be sustained without economic development.
  What’s next on the agenda is that we provide aid to a designated county in the quake-hit area.
  Jiangsu, a prosperous province, is well-positioned to make more contributions to the recovery of China’s quake-affected economy.
  On our part, we are committed to making a service-oriented government, giving full support to the growth of enterprises.
  ◆在当前的情况下,我尤其希望,能看准(settle on/favor)一个项目就抓紧投入。
  Given the present situation, I would very much like to see investment could be put in place once you’ve made your decision/ a project is nailed down.
  The world economy is not in good shape recently.
  Our experiences have told us that when the economy fluctuates there will be more opportunities and if you wait till everything is back on the right track the opportunities will be less.
  The key lies in the way we use hi-tech to fuel the growth of traditional sectors.
  ◆超前意识 foresight/vision
  ◆零排放 zero emission
  ◆厌氧 anaerobic (如:anaerobic bacteria 厌氧菌)
  ◆喜氧 aerobic (如:aerobic bacteria 喜氧菌)
  We are grateful for the sympathy, support and aid that European countries have extended to us.
  Chinese students chose United States to further their studies a decade ago, but now the climate has changed. More and more students went to Europe.
  That fully explains why your Chinese is so impressive!
  I have full conviction that we will win this battle.
  ◆帐篷储备 tocks of tents
  ◆知青: educated youth, usually referring to secondary school graduates who were unable to pursue their studies in institutions of higher learning during the Cultural Revolution
  ◆老三届: those who graduated from secondary schools in 1966, 1967 and 1968 in China (at the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, which deprived them of opportunities for further education
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