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Delivered at the Forth Session of the Eleventh Shaanxi Provincial People's Congress on Jan 17, 2011
陕西省代省长 赵正永
Zhao Zhengyong, Acting Governor of Shaanxi Province
Fellow Deputies,
On behalf of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval together with the Outline of the 12th Five-Year Plan for the National Economic and Social Progress of Shaanxi Province. I also solicit comments and suggestions on the report and the outline from the members of the Shaanxi Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference and other people in attendance.    
I. Review of the work in 2010 and during the 11th Five-Year Plan period.
2010年是极不平凡的一年,全省上下以邓小平理论和“三个代表”重要思想为指导,深入贯彻落实科学发展观,克服国际金融危机和陕南特大洪灾等不利影响,勇于创新,扎实工作,完成了省十一届人大三次会议确定的目标任务。预计实现生产总值10012亿元、增长14.8 %,完成财政总收入1800.85亿元、增长29.5 percent,城镇居民人均可支配收入和农民人均纯收入分别达到15695元和4105元,增长11.1 % 和19.4 %,全社会消费品零售总额增长18.7 %,人口、就业、社会保障和节能减排等主要指标全面完成,实现了“十一五”圆满收官。
The year 2010 was truly eventful. Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important of thought of “Three Represents”, all people in Shaanxi province put into practice the scientific outlook of development, surmounted the adverse impact of the global financial crisis and severe flood in the southern part of Shaanxi, made bold changes and innovation, worked hard and solid and realized the goals set at the third Session of the 11th Shaanxi Provincial People Congress. It is anticipated that GDP topped RMB1.0012 trillion, an increase of 14.8 percent. Government revenue was RMB180.085 billion, an increase of 29.5 percent. Urban per capita annual disposable income reached RMB15, 695, an increase of 11.1 percent, and rural per capita net income reached RMB4, 105, up by 19.4 percent. Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods increased by 18.7 percent. Major index targets, such as population control, employment, social security, energy saving and emission reduction were fulfilled, given a good finish-up to the 11th Five-Year Plan.
Looking back, we can not help but feel deeply that our comprehensive strength increased substantially, social undertakings made all-round progress, people’s life improved remarkably during the 11th Five-Year Plan period. Most objectives of the past five years were met one or even two years ahead of schedule. Shaanxi province is now standing at the new historical starting point.  
Our economic aggregate reached a new high of RMB1 trillion, displaying powerful momentum of striding development. The average annual GDP growth rate of the past five years was 14.9 percent, constantly moving the ranking of the province up the national list. The economic aggregate of 2010 was 2.5 times that of 2005, with per capita GDP exceeding $4000. During the 11th Five-Year Plan period, our general financial revenue and expenditure was 3.4 and 3.2 times that of 10th Five-Year Plan period respectively. Moved forward from the 21st to 18th in national ranking, the financial revenue significantly boosted our ability to support development and improve people’s lives.    
基础设施得到极大改善,发展的瓶颈制约有效缓解。2010年完成固定资产投资8562亿元,增长30.7 %,总量相当于“十五”的1.29倍。五年累计投资2.6万亿元,在交通、水利、电力、市政等领域兴建了一批多年想建的大项目,郑西客运专线、“引乾济石”、750 千伏输电线路和西安地铁等标志性工程已经或即将投运,“气化陕西”稳步推进,新增电力装机1228万千瓦,新建铁路2600公里、高速公路2158公里,咸阳国际机场进入世界百强行列,长期困扰发展的交通短板正在成为竞争的新优势。
We enormously improved the infrastructure and effectively eased the bottleneck for further development. We invested RMB856.2 billion in fixed assets by 2010, an increase of 30.7 percent, about 1.29 times of that during the 10th Five-Year Plan period, and built an array of eagerly planned big projects in the field of transportation, water conservancy, electricity, and public facility. Landmark projects including Zhengzhou to Xi’an Passenger Railway, Water Diversion from Qianhe to Shitouhe River, 750 kilovolt Electricity Transmission Line, Xi’an City Subway have either been completed or ready for operation. Steady progress was made in Shaanxi Gas Accessibility project. 1228 megawatts electricity generation capacity was newly added, 2600 kilometer of railway and 2158 kilometer of highway were newly built, and Xianyang Airport entered the top 100 among its global counterparts. The past weakness in transportation is becoming new competition advantage for the development of the province.      
结构调整取得明显成效,优势特色产业迅猛崛起。骨干产业支柱作用不断增强,新兴产业加速成长,科技创新能力进一步提升。五年新增石油产能1000万吨、煤炭产能1亿吨,能源化工产业总产值已占规模以上工业的46.8 %,装备制造业总产值从691亿元跃升到2607亿元,服务业增加值年均增长15%,文化产业增加值去年达到226.6亿元、增长22 %,旅游接待量1.45亿人次、总收入983亿元,分别增长26.1 %和28.1 %,其中入境游客增长46.3 %。去年专利申请量突破2万件,技术合同成交额增长43 %,五年获国家科学技术奖项150项。销售收入过百亿的企业从4家增加到23家,其中延长集团突破千亿元大关。新起步的太阳能光伏和半导体照明产业产值已达120亿元,建成风电装机150兆瓦、太阳能光伏发电12兆瓦,标志着我省能源结构的新变化。
Marked progress was made in economic restructuring, industries with distinguish features and comparative advantages rose forcefully. The prominent role of backbone industries was strengthened continuously, growth of emerging industries was accelerated and scientific and technological innovation capability was moved up further. Over the past five years, 10 million tons of oil production capacity, 100 million tons of coal production capacity were newly added, the total output of energy and chemical industry took up 46.8 percent of industries above designated size. The gross output of equipment manufacturing industry jumped to RMB260.7 billion, the added value of service industry increased by 15 percent annually, while the added value of cultural industry topped RMB22.66 billion, up by 22 percent. Tourists to our province totaled RMB145 million and RMB98.3 billion were generated, an increase of 26.1 percent and 28.1 percent respectively, among which overseas tourists increased by 46.3 percent. Last year, patents filings totaled 20,000, the turnover of business concerning technology transaction contract increased by 43 percent. We obtained 150 national awards in science and technology. The number of enterprises with sales revenue over RMB10 billion grew from 4 to 23, among which, the sales revenue of Yanchang Group exceed RMB100 billion. The output from the start-up industries including Solar Photovoltaic power Semiconductor Illumination reached RMB12 billion. Now we have 150 megawatts of installed capacity from wind power, 12 megawatts from Solar Photovoltaic power, marking the new changes in the structure of our energy consumption.
The vitality of county economy increased steadily, the fundamental role of agriculture was further solidified. Our crop output sustained above 10 million tons and reached 11.65 million tons in 2010, a record high of the past 12 years. Fruits, stocks and greenhouse vegetables became prominent sources of farmer’s income. We firmly occupied the country’s top position in terms of apple growing areas, total output and quality. Industries in county region entered a new phase of developing in designated parks, with its growth rate 1.3 percent higher than that of the provincial average. 11 counties leaped into the top 100 counties of China’s western region, 3 counties stepped into the country’s top 100 counties. We speeded up the process of building new countryside; we invested RMB326 billion in water conservancy, electricity, road and bio-gas projects and solved the safe drinking water problem for 12.5 million people. Electricity, phone, highways were made available to every administrative village in the province, paved road available to every town except towns heavily hit by natural disasters in the southern part. Television cables covered every natural village with more than 20 households. Both urban and rural public service level was improved.
   统筹城乡发展力度加大。区域竞相发展格局基本形成。制定了一系列鼓励有条件农村居民进城落户的政策,明确了户籍办理、就业培训、社保关系接续、保障性住房申请等具体办法,52万农村居民已按新政策进城落户。出台了支持延安率先实现城乡统筹的措施,县域城乡一体化规划编制全面启动,去年完成重点镇建设投资30多亿元,全省城镇化率达到46.5 %,五年提高9.3个百分点。关中率先发展、陕南突破发展、陕北跨越发展取得明显成效,西咸新区建设正式启动,陕西航空、航天经济开发区和渭南高新区分别升格为国家级,陕南开始步入循环经济的发展路子,陕北探索出依托资源深度开发实现快速增长的新模式。
Efforts were intensified in balancing rural and urban development. Patterns of competitive development among different regions took shape. A series of policies were rolled out to encourage capable rural residents to settle down in urban areas. Detailed measures were made known to the public concerning household registration, employment and training, social security succession and government-subsidized housing application. 520,000 rural residents moved to urban areas under the new policies. Measures supporting Yan’an city to take the lead in urban-rural coordinated development were staged. The overall planning for urban and rural integration started, with investment in key town construction totaling RMB3 billion, our urbanization rate rising to 46.5 percent, up 9.3 percent in five years. Remarkable achievements were made in the leading development of Central Shaanxi, breakthrough development of Southern Shaanxi, and leapfrog development of Northern Shaanxi. The building of new district converging Xi’an and Xianyang city was officially started. Shaanxi Aviation, Space Economic Development Zone and Weinan City High-tech Zone were upgraded to national level zones. Southern Shaanxi entered the track of circular economic development. Northern Shaanxi was successful in new mode exploration of accelerated development through deep exploitation and utilization of natural resources.
生态环境发生历史性转变,可持续发展能力进一步增强。以退耕还林、节能减排和重点区域整治为主的生态建设向纵深推进。五年造林绿化2461万亩,治理水土流失面积3.1万平方公里,森林覆盖率由37.26 % 提高到41.42 %,植被覆盖度达到71.10 %。淘汰小火电155万千瓦、落后产能5596万吨标准煤,建成和在建污水处理厂94个、垃圾处理场90个。渭河污染治理取得阶段性成果,秦岭保护进入法制化轨道。全省万元GDP能耗由1.42吨下降到1.136吨标准煤,二氧化硫和化学需氧量排放同比削减15.4 %和11.9 %,西安等市城区良好天数连年超过300天,绿色成为三秦大地的主色调。
Historic transformation in ecological environment further enhanced our capability for sustainable development. Ecological conservation advanced to depth with returning farmland to forest, energy saving, emission reduction and major region remediation as the key. For the past five years combined, we planted 24.61 million mu (15 mu equals one hectare) forests, brought 31,000 square kilometers of soil erosion under control. Our forest coverage has increased from 37.26 percent to 41.2 percent, and vegetation coverage reached 71.1 percent. We shut down small thermal power plants with a total capacity of 1.55 million kilowatts, and phased out coal mines with backward production capacity of 55.96 million tons. 94 sewage and 90 waste treatment works were completed or under construction. Substantive results were achieved in the treatment of Weihe River pollution and we issued regulations on the protection of Qinling Mountain. Coal consumption per RMB10, 000 of GDP have been lowered down from 1.42 tons to 1.136 tons. The sulfur dioxide emission reduced by 15.4 percent and chemical oxygen demand declined by 11.9 percent year-on-year. Xi’an and several other cities enjoyed more than 300 days with good air quality over the past few years. Green has become the main color covering the land of Shaanxi province.
改革开放向纵深推进,在重点领域取得重大进展。基本完成国有企业改制和政策性破产任务,非公有制经济比重由2005年的43.3 % 提高到49.5 %。各项强农惠农政策全面落实,提前一年完成集体林权制度改革主体任务。医药卫生体制改革取得重大进展,一些县区不同的医改模式在全国引起较大反响,2.6万个村卫生室完成标准化建设,乡镇卫生院内部改革全面完成,435万农村已婚育龄妇女享受到免费体检,药品“三统一”覆盖所有基层医疗单位,群众看病费用明显下降。省市级经营性文化事业单位全面改制,繁荣社会主义文化的体制机制进一步优化。省市县政府机构改革顺利完成,乡镇机构改革全面铺开。地方金融改革稳步推进,长安银行成功组建、运行良好。上市公司由2005年的25家增加到36家、总市值与经济总量的比值由6.18 %提高到30 %。对外开放取得显著成效,五年累计引进外资70亿美元、省外资金5740亿元,全省外商投资企业已超过4000家。去年引进内资2410亿元、外资18.2亿美元,进出口贸易120.8亿美元,分别增长59.9%、20.4%和43.7%。
In depth progress was made in reform and opening, with significant breakthroughs in key areas. State-owned enterprises reform and policy-mandated bankruptcy basically came to an end. The ratio of non-public-owned economy increased to 49.5 percent from 43.3 percent, which was the 2005 level. Preferential policies to empower agriculture were fully implemented. The collective forest ownership system reform was completed one year ahead of schedule. Significant progress was made in pharmaceutical and health care system reform, with the different reform mode of some counties arousing attentions nationwide. 26,000 village clinics were built by the same standards; internal reform of town-ship hospitals was accomplished by and large. 4.35 million Married women of childbearing age, who live in rural area, received health check free of charge. After unifying medicine’s tender operation, price, and distribution in all the grassroots level medical organizations, the common people’s spending on pharmacy and health care dropped dramatically. The for-profit cultural institutions both at city and provincial levels went through an overall transformation to enterprises, the system and mechanism for socialist culture prosperity were optimized. Institutional reform completed smoothly at the provincial, city and county levels, and was fully under way at the township level. Local financial reform advanced steadily, with Chang’an Bank being successfully built and running smoothly, and 36 companies went public, an increase from 25 companies in 2005, and the ratio of their market value to economic aggregates climbing from 6.18 percent to 30 percent. Remarkable results were achieved in the opening up endeavor. US$7 billion of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and RMB574 billion of investment from China’s other provinces were attracted accumulatively over the past five years, the number of foreign-funded enterprises surpassed 4,000. In 2010, RMB241 billion of domestic investment, up 59.9 percent, US$1.82 billion of FDI was introduced to the province, up 20.4 percent imports and exports totaled US$ 12.08 billion, up 43.7 percent.
Investment to safeguard and improve people’s livelihood increased steadily every year, and the general public enjoyed more substantial benefits. Over the past five years, the government has taken powerful steps to adjust the interest structure of different groups, and has settled an array of prominent problems concerning people’s lives and works. The biggest luminescent spot is the implementation of Eight Projects Concerning People’s Livelihood. Government spending on the improvement of people live was 3.5 times more than that during the 10th Five-Year Plan period. The public service equalization process was accelerated. The most prominent feature is that the system of pension and health care achieved full coverage with benefit standard increased every year. Urban citizen’s old-age and health care insurance developed from nothing, the pilot project of the new-type rural social endowment insurance were carried out and achieved top ranking in China. The subsistence allowances were made available to all the urban and rural poor. 95 percent of rural residents participated in the new-type rural corporative health care system. State-owned and collective-owned enterprises worker's pension and health care problems, left over by history of bankruptcy and closure, was basically solved. The system of providing living subsidies to senior citizens above 80 years of age was launched. The standard for urban retired workers’ old-age pension, new-type rural corporate heath care subsidy, urban and rural residents’ minimum living allowance, support relief for households enjoying five guarantees increased by 221 percent, 600 percent, 99 percent, 156 percent and 129 percent respectively. Almost one million rural residence over 60 years of age received basic old-age pension every month. The most obvious sign was the improvement of people’s living condition. After adopting a combined measures including post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction, farmer’s comfortable housing project, poverty relief migration project, affordable housing project and shanty house renovation project, 260,000 farmers moved to new houses, 7.5 million square meters of low-rent housing were built, 302,000 households received rent subsidies, 400,000 low income families’ housing problems were solved, and the average urban residential floor space reached 21.04 square meters. The most remarkable achievement was that employment maintained basically stable and urban and rural residents’ income increased by a big margin. The registered urban unemployment rate was kept within the expected target. Over the past five years, 1.68 million new jobs were created for urban residents. 6.2 million Rural labors were transferred; 3.25 million people shook off poverty. The per capita disposable income for urban residents and net income for farmers were 1.9 and 2 times that of the 10th Five-Year Plan period. Particularly gratifying to note was that discrepancy of income between urban and rural residence declined from 4.11:1 to 3.82:1.
Overall development was achieved in every aspect of social program; new strides were taken to build Harmonious Shaanxi. Free compulsory education covered all urban and rural areas of the province, “two basics” education took the lead among western provinces of China in reaching the target, the quality of higher education continued to rise, non-public-run education program develop in a sound way, professional education expanded further. The safe primary and middle school building program advanced smoothly, 5.15 million students with financial difficulties received subsidies through the National Student Financial Aid System, and 2.03 million students enjoyed free egg and milk every day in primary and middle boarding schools. The Six National Population Census achieved substantive results. The family planning policy was carried out in full. Women, children, and the disabled undertakings continued to develop. Key projects including the Yan’an Revolutionary History Museum, The Daming Palace Archaeological Site Park were completed and opened to the public. Xi’an Drum and Music, and Chinese Paper Cutting were chosen as the United Nation’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind. An array of excellent cultural works caused major impact in China. We successfully hosted the 14th Shaanxi Provincial Games. Our athletes won 35 gold medals, 22 silver medals and 27 bronze medals in both international and national games. Social administration was continuously consolidated. Emergency response mechanism was perfected step by step; the handling of people’s complaints was further strengthened. “Safe Shaanxi” campaign was launched in an extensive way; the work safety situation became stable and turned for the better. Government at all levels actively promoted clean government building and struggle against corruption, and obvious improvements were made in their work efficiency and service level.
Fellow deputies, we withstood unprecedented tests and made noticeable achievements in the past five years. They were the results of the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and the concerted and unyielding efforts of the people of the whole province. On behalf of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, I hereby express our high respects to all the cadres and people, members of the PLA stationed in Shaanxi, the armed police and the public security police, as well as our sincere gratitude to deputies of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress, members of Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference and personage of all circles who supported the work of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government!
  在充分肯定成绩的同时,也要清醒地看到发展中存在的矛盾和问题:一是经济欠发达依然是基本省情,发展不足仍然是主要矛盾;二是粗放型增长方式尚未根本扭转,转变发展方式需要付出艰苦的努力;   三是城乡居民特别是农民收入低、城镇化水平低、经济外向度低,制约着经济社会协调发展;四是顺应群众过上美好生活的新期待,加快提升公共服务水平的任务十分艰巨;五是政府工作中的官僚主义、和奢侈浪费等现象不同程度存在。此外,“十一五”规划中个别指标完成还有差距,去年物价涨幅超过预期。对此,我们都要在今后工作中努力加以解决。
While fully affirming the achievements, we must be clearly aware that there are still contradictions and problems in our development. One is that under-development is still the basic economic situation of the province; insufficient development is still the major contradiction. The second is that extensive growth pattern has yet been turnaround in a fundamental way; strenuous efforts must be made to change the growth mode. Thirdly, our people’s income, especially farmer’s income, and urbanization level are low, foreign trade is weak; they hinder the coordinated economic and social development. The forth is that the task remains arduous to accelerate the improvement of public services level to meet people’s new and high expectations for a better life. Fifthly, the phenomenon of bureaucracy, formalism, extravagance and wastes exists, to varying degrees, in many government works. Moreover, gaps still exists in meeting a few targets set in the 11th Five-Year Plan; the price hike in 2010 was beyond our expectation. In this regard, we must make greater efforts to solve the problems in our future work.
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